• Heartless Bastards Restless Ones CD
    Item #: 4HCD05
    RESTLESS ONES was finished in the fall with two mixing sessions at Congleton’s Elmwood Recording in Dallas. Heartless Bastards' next challenge is bringing the album’s studio-crafted songs to the stage. “It’ll be fun to chuck it all at the wall and let the collective experience of band/audience dictate the conversation of the music,” Ebaugh says. “That's the mission ultimately: rock ‘n’ roll communion.”
    Rich with purpose, passion, and commanding musicianship, RESTLESS ONES captures an idiosyncratic band exploring their craft and soul in an effort to reach a place that’s both true and transcendent. Heartless Bastards continue to drive their monumental music ever forward, towards hidden vistas and horizons still unseen.
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  • Heartless Bastards Arrow CD
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  • Heartless Bastards Arrow LP
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  • Heartless Bastards Stairs and Elevators CD
  • Heartless Bastards The Mountain CD
  • Heartless Bastards All This Time Vinyl
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    Heartless Bastards All This Time Vinyl
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  • Heartless Bastards The Mountain Vinyl
    Item #: 4HLP02
    Track list:
    1. The Mountain
    2. Could Be So Happy
    3. Early in the Morning
    4. Hold Your Head High
    5. Out at Sea
    6. Nothing Seems the Same
    7. Wide Awake
    8. So Quiet
    9. Had to Go
    10. Witchypoo
    11. Sway
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